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Two months to Top Gear in HD

BBC 2’s flagship entertainment based programming featuring a bit of motoring and three childish middle aged men, Top Gear, will return in just under two months and will be in HD! I’ve resisted calling it a motoring show as it has moved away from that over the last few years, becoming a more generic entertainment show that has motoring at… Read more →

iPlayer Pick: Taking the Flak

My iPlayer Pick is a show that is now almost half way through its seven week run, I’m talking about a new BBC Two sitcom – Taking the Flak – a look at what happens when the big boys of the BBC come into a previously uninteresting country after civil war breaks out. Taking the Flak follows the story of… Read more →

The next big geeky cult

The latest round of television commissioners seem to be geeks or at least after the geek pound anyway. Just look at the type of shows getting commissioned – they all seem to have ‘capturing the fanboy market’ in mind. The latest one of those was actually commissioned in response to the massive demand from the ‘fanboy’ cult following the pilot… Read more →

Kids show themes

OK so in a fit of Friday afternoon boredom we spent a good hour in the office playing old childrens show theme tunes over our headphones at full volume and playing ‘guess the theme’. Some are easier than others. This one EVERYBODY got: And of course a fair few people got this one as well (although it should be Hero… Read more →

BBC on itunes but not here

With the launch of Top Gear on iTunes in the USA – but not here in the UK I thought I’d take a look at what was on iTunes there but not here. Although it isn’t ‘really’ Top Gear on the iTunes store in the USA – it is in the sense that it includes Jeremy, James, Richard and the… Read more →