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Lets get this nonsense started

This is going to be something of a confession post. I’ve been dieting, watching my weight, exercising more and every other excuse for not actually sorting my health out for years. Iā€™m about 5ā€™ 7ā€ and currently weight (however much I try to blame it on the scales) about 16 stone with a stomach that reaches the door about a… Read more →

Mapping down to your house

An idea was posted on the BBC Backstage Idea Store asking whether it was possible to search for stories that happened around the posters house – basically to get as local as possible. It was posted by www.richardsprojects.co.uk and basically said: Sometimes I would like to find news that is happening in a certain area. This area might be quite… Read more →

Notable comment

From the Times story on the baptism of a mulsim in Rome. So an intellectual weakling has changed his favourite brand of superstition for a different one & an old man in a silly hat has poured water over him. Yawn. Roger Angove, Truro, I’ll let you in to a little secret – I prefer to read comments and the… Read more →