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Please reply in English next time

Earlier this year I must have e-mailed the Department for Culture, Media and Sport – or at least filled out a form, petition or wrote something somewhere. What I sent was obviously something to do with children’s television and the state of it in the UK – or at least the lack of homegrown children’s tv outside of the BBC.… Read more →

The future of news?

This blog post started life as a comment on the blog of Birmingham Post Journalist, Joanna Geary. However, having gone read the comment back I thought it was worth sharing with you as well. Joanna ponders a world ‘beyond the parasitic news model‘. How news will be funded and organised online when the bottom falls out of the ‘mainstream’ media… Read more →

Wiping the news

One of my favourite columnists, presenters, opinionated egomaniacs and general all around media legend @charltonbrooker has a new show coming to BBC Four. Image via Wikipedia It will follow along the same theme as his brilliant ScreenWipe show¬† the difference is that instead of taking an arse side up view of television – this time it will look at News… Read more →

Mapping down to your house

An idea was posted on the BBC Backstage Idea Store asking whether it was possible to search for stories that happened around the posters house – basically to get as local as possible. It was posted by www.richardsprojects.co.uk and basically said: Sometimes I would like to find news that is happening in a certain area. This area might be quite… Read more →

Inspiration into flattery?

The BBC has long been the beacon of inspiration for many a person in all aspects of the creative industry. Image via Wikipedia The BBC introduces a genre of programming and other TV networks take that genre on in their own way. The BBC introduces a style of web interface and very quickly other sites start to introduce elements of… Read more →

The next big geeky cult

The latest round of television commissioners seem to be geeks or at least after the geek pound anyway. Just look at the type of shows getting commissioned – they all seem to have ‘capturing the fanboy market’ in mind. The latest one of those was actually commissioned in response to the massive demand from the ‘fanboy’ cult following the pilot… Read more →