Weight in gold

I was watching Ben and Holly with my son and my mind started wandering – there’s only so many times you can watch the same episode. I decided,, within the abilities of my extremely limited brain, whether it was possible to calculate whether someone is actually worth their weight in gold and how close they could get. The concept is… Read more →

Fresh take on interactive advertising from football club

Blippar is a tool that lets you turn a real world object or artwork into a virtual menu or service through a simple smartphone app.

The company has previously turned every Cadbury chocolate bar into a hit the duck game (see video) and provide store information by scanning Tesco adverts.

Their latest campaign is with Southampton FC, anywhere you go in the city – if you see an advert for the club you just hold up your phone, press Blippar, wait and  you will be shown a menu surrounding the picture of the advert.

The augmented reality technology will allow fans to get information on teh team, access to the shop and ticket office.

Chris Hayler, Marketing Manager at Southampton FC, said: “We always place our fans at the heart of what we do so we are delighted to be able to engage them using such new technology, and to be leading the way in the use of augmented reality marketing by English football clubs.

“Our supporters now have the chance to access exclusive information and features at just the touch of a button, ensuring that they stay connected with the club wherever and whenever they wish.”

This is an interesting take – recently in Jersey there has been a spate of posters with QR codes on them and one recruitment company has started adding the codes to job adverts.

Replacing the QR codes with blippar would 1) make it easier to use/understand and 2) offer a lot more than just a link to a web page. The question is whether this sort of thing is feasible on a small scale – or whether it only really works for national campaigns.

The blippar app is free from the Apple App store and Android Marketplace.

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