Give me my medical data

I have a medical condition that means I am regularly visiting hospital consultants, having blood tests and physiotherapy. I also have to visit my GP for regular check ups and repeat prescriptions. Every appointment and blood tests involves a letter being sent to me in the post – it is about the only thing I still get in the post.… Read more →


Transfer of 2G spectrum

From the middle of next year three companies in the Channel Islands are likely to start offering 4G (LTE) mobile services. This is good news as 4G can deliver so much more than just the promised speed. For various reasons the islands are a few years behind in 4G roll-out, but that isn’t necessarily bad as being late often allows… Read more →


Weight in gold

I was watching Ben and Holly with my son and my mind started wandering – there’s only so many times you can watch the same episode. I decided,, within the abilities of my extremely limited brain, whether it was possible to calculate whether someone is actually worth their weight in gold and how close they could get. The concept is… Read more →