Independent printing payments

With the launch of the new Sunday Times websites (separating from The Times) fast approaching and with all this talk of Rupert Murdoch introducing charges on the various newspaper websites he owns around the world I thought I’d take a look at alternatives. The Independent Newspaper has an interesting way of making a bit of extra cash from their website… Read more →

Beebs College of Journalism to go live in December

Nearly five years ago the BBC launched a new virtual training service for its journalists called the BBC College of Journalism – or CoJo. CoJo has evolved considerably since it first started but is basically a mixture of digital courses, face to face courses and information/best practice provided in the form of a blog and articles. Their are focused exercises looking at… Read more →

Voting at 16

Just over two years ago members of the States of Jersey narrowly voted in favour of giving 16 and 17 year olds in the island the right to vote. The first real opportunity for islanders to use that vote was at during the elections for Constable, Deputy and Senator at the end of 2008 – that and the island’s first… Read more →