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What is Up Your Ego?

It’s basically a phrase that means sod all. It’s something that I saw when I was doing a random search about five years ago and decided to register the domain name.

I’ve been blogging under Up Your Ego since 2003 using everything from a CMS I built myself with a Access Database and ASP through Blogger and on to WordPress, which is what I’m using now.

I work as a new media journalist specialising in tech, politics and alternative music. I’m married to Sammy with three children, Oceana-Skye, Jaden-Taylor and Kailen-James.


Any opinion expressed on upyourego.com in the form of a blog post is the opinion of me, Ryan Morrison and not of my employer or any group I might be affiliated with at the moment.

Any opinion expressed in a comment is the opinion of the comments author and not me, my dog (I don’t have a dog) or any group/company I’m affiliated with right now. The comment probably isn’t the opinion of the groups, dogs or companies the comment author is affiliated with either – just to get that straight.

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