Finally cutting the cord


A month ago we lost the remote control to the Sky TV box. It was panic stations at first, but with a bit of coaching I showed my wife how to use the Playstation and Apple TV box to watch TV shows.

A month on and not only have we given up looking but we’ve decided as a family we can live without Sky and put the £45 per month to better use.

This is a big moment for me as I’ve been trying to convince them to cut the cord for about five years, to no luck.

But in that time the landscape has changed a lot.

For a start we now have Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, we have good on demand services from all the main networks, and there is still YouTube.

There are six of us in the family, myself, my wife Samantha and four children, a girl (13) and three boys from 20 months to 10 years.

We all have different tastes in entertainment. My daughter likes MTV and music videos and when the 10 year old isn’t playing Minecraft he is watching videos about it – and sometimes both.

We all have tablets and watch our own things, but sometimes you want to come together or use a bigger screen.

So the TV has an Apple TV, Playstation 3, and a Sky Box attach. Increasingly it has been tuned to HDMI-3 – the PS3. This is because it has iPlayer, 4oD, ITV Player (limited) and Demand 5 apps.

It also has apps for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and a brilliant YouTube app. Between each of those we get access to everything most of us want to watch and then some.

I had to make once concession and that was the Now TV entertainment pass for my daughter (MTV).

So what will we do with the £45 per month? Well it could go towards a family meal out every month. It could buy me an Adobe subscription. Or it could pay for three unlimited cinema passes for me and the middle two boys (we go to kids club every couple of weeks already).

In fact over a year it could pay for a new PS4 or an iPad. Even if you take off the £16 per month for Netflix, Amazon (both of which I’m already paying for) and Now TV I’m still £30 per month better off with as much if not more great TV.