Weight in gold


I was watching Ben and Holly with my son and my mind started wandering – there’s only so many times you can watch the same episode.

I decided,, within the abilities of my extremely limited brain, whether it was possible to calculate whether someone is actually worth their weight in gold and how close they could get.

The concept is that you take current weight, age, location and salary then use current gold price, inflation and life expectancy to compare weight in gold over a lifetime to lifetime earnings.

As an app it would ask “Are you worth your weight in gold?”

Enter the required information and then out the other end you would get a yes or no and some figures.


Weight x current gold value = gold weight

Gold weight x Average life expectancy = weight in gold

Average working life – years over 18 x (current salary + average inflation) = expected life earnings

Weight in gold / expected life earnings x 100 = % of weight in gold worth

Photo by Body Painters Sydney.