Can the invisible see the invisible?

Great question from my six year old this morning: “If two people are invisible, can they see each other?”

At this point I’d had about six hours sleep and was walking them to school.

Kailen is incredible intelligent, he seems to grasp complex problems in a way I struggle with.

So I decided to try him out with an answer I might give if posed the same question by a friend of a similar age to me.

What I said to him was that it depends on what you mean by invisible.

If they have both moved to a different plane of existence that still allows them to interact with each other but are invisible to the rest of us – then yes they could see each other.

But if you mean invisible like Harry Potter or the Invisible Man, with a cloak, potion or paint – then no they wouldn’t be able to see each other.

Still – amazing question from a six year old.