One App to rule them all

Picture the scene: it is evening, I am sat on the sofa with my tv on and there is nothing to watch, so I decide to make use of my Apple TV, nothing I want to see on there do I switch to the PS3 and use the iPlayer.

Sounds wonderful and idyllic doesn’t it? Unfortunately I need one controller to check Sky, another to switch to the Apple TV, then the previous one to switch to the PS3 and then the PS3 controller.

What I want is one controller, but all in one controllers are rubbish, so what i really want is an all in one app, something on my iPhone that lets me control all of my devices and easily switch between them.

There is one app already getting close and that is ZeeBox. It is great in that as well as all the social features and related information you can also control a Sky Box.

What they now need to do is add in the ability for me to switch sources on my TV and allow me to control the Apple TV, Playstation 3 and other devices.

And the advantage of an app like ZeeBox being the controller is that it has related social and meta information.