Netflix and LoveFilm killing Christmas television

Christmas Day – you’ve opened your presents, had an argument, drunk a bit … a lot … and eaten more in one meal than some people do in a year. All good.

The television is on, and the programming is pretty much the same as last year. There will be a couple of big Christmas specials from shows like Top Gear, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey et al, Top of the Pops, Eastenders, Coronation Street, The Queen and the fillers.

It is the fillers that gave me the premise for this post. Apart from a small selection of programming across the channels most rely on two things – family movies and old TV shows.

In the past this was brilliant because, unless you spent money on buying the DVDs, which most people rarely watch, you wouldn’t have seen the old TV show in years or watched the movie since last Christmas.

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But now, thanks to Netflix and LoveFilm for about £5 per month you can get access to every episode of most of the old TV shows they actually repeat and a wealth of old and newer movies.

Not only that but you can also easily access these services from the television or from your mobile device – so no need to put the DVD in.

It could be worse though – you could be left with Sky One which seems to be showing nothing but repeats of An Idiot Abroad all day.

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