Daily Mail in campaign to promote the BBC

OK that headline might not seem completely acurate on the surface, especially when you see several stories a day talking about something the BBC has ‘done wrong’.

Just in the last day or so there has been a story about complaints from people about the new look BBC iPlayer site – which basically involved the Daily Mail going through the BBC site looking for complaints.

No thought for the fact that people don’t like change, new/inexperienced users like change event less and eventually they’ll grow to love it and hate any future change to the site – even if it makes it more like what was there before.

But none of that is reflected in the Daily Mail article that simply says: “Hundreds of viewers complain about BBC’s new ‘unusable’ iPlayer.”

Then there are stories about BBC strikes causing a problem for the Conservatives, Capitol Radio rivalling Radio 1 (with a serious face), and another story where the Daily Mail will be watching the BBC to make sure it isn’t bias about cutbacks.

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So how do I get from several stories in the space of a couple of days openly bashing the BBC and comments from a few very loud people calling for it to be abolished (but many more from people supporting the BBC buried by the vocal minority) to ‘Daily Mail in campaign to promote the BBC’.

In his Edinburgh TV festival speech Mark Thompson, BBC DG, pointed out that approval for the BBC and value for money scores are high.

He said: “That’s true even of the readers of those papers which are most consistently hostile about the BBC.

“Across the UK population, 71 per cent of people say they’re glad the BBC exists. Among readers of the Daily Mail, it’s 74 per cent. The Telegraph, 82 per cent. The Times, 83 per cent. The Sunday Times, 85 per cent.”

So, the Daily Mail website regularly runs anti-BBC stories, there are comments at the top of the Daily Mail comments section (self ranked) that are very anti-BBC – yet when asked in a survey people who show themselves as Daily Mail readers are also BBC supporters.

THAT is how I got to my headline – recently when the Daily Mail runs an anti-BBC story there have been an increasing number of comments from people saying things like: “yet another lazy daily mail BBC bashing story” and others in support of the BBC.

So my conclusion from that? The Daily Mail is working on a ‘secret’ campaign, a sort of reverse psychology campaign where they are so OTT in their BBC bashing that it makes people realise just how good the BBC really is.

Or maybe I’ve just not blogged in so long my brain has stopped working properly and I’m reading too much into things.

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