Tattoo might or might not get Android 2.1

Waiting for an upgrade to my Android phone and the delay is down to a couple of extra buttons.

OK that isn’t completely true. I’ve got a HTC Tattoo and it currently runs Android 1.6. The Tattoo is a low end Android phone with a smaller screen.

It’s been rumoured, somewhat surprisingly, that the HTC Tattoo would be getting an upgrade to Android 2.1.

Lots of people have been contacting HTC recently to ask if/when it’s likely to happen and the answer is always pretty much the same – no info.

They haven’t said it isn’t coming to anybody yet – just that there is no information at this time.

The new Android 2.1 includes Live Wallpaper, the same number of home screens that come with HTC Sense Andoir anyway, better navigation, a new app launcher, voice typing, widgets, photo gallery improved and other things.

So I’m looking forward to getting it – that and the face that it’s new and new things are good.

Here is my response from Jan of HTC.

Dear Ryan Thank you for your enquiry about HTC Tattoo.

Unfortunately we don’t have the information about the upgrade for Tattoo to 2.1 just yet, keep you updated on HTC on facebook twitter or on our website for more information.

Which amounts to the same as basically saying “sod off and wait until we’re ready to tell you.”

Other responses have let on a little more information including the fact that they’re developing it, that it’s just a case of getting it working with Sense, the camera et al.

I’ll be honest – I’m tempted to say ‘sod it’ to Sense and root it and install Android 2.1 anyway – but I’m concerned I’ll then lose use of the camera and other features.

And as (post coming soon) I’ve just found a workflow for photos on my phone and getting them on BBC Jersey stories (see the Post Office story) that involves taking the picture, opening in for Android, tweaking the colours then posting it to Flickr.

The team back at base then take the photo from Flickr and put it online.

Admittedly this is the first time I’ve actually done it – but I’m sure I’ll be doing it more – especially at events like Jersey Live, Grassroots Festival and the Battle of Flowers.

And while we’re on the subject of blogging – I’ve now launched an official BBC Jersey Blog.

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