Choosing new glasses is all about instinct

From a very young age I’ve been getting a new pair of glasses about once every two years – I’ve tried contact lenses a couple of times but was never happy with them.

I know exactly where I am with glasses, I know where I stand with glasses and to be honest I just feel really weird when I’m not wearing them – they are part of my identity.

The girl at Vision Express flashing bright lights in my eyes, blowing air in my eyes and generally putting me through the normal string of computer based eye torture that makes up the average eye test didn’t understand my love of wearing glasses.

She was a contact lense wearer – as are many other people I work with or generally come in contact with.

Like I said before, I’ve tried the whole contact lense thing – I gave it a whole weak last time I tried it – no glasses for a week – just putting bits of flimsy plastic on to my eyeball in a torture like proceedure for something that is no better than, and possibly worse than wearing glasses.

Yet she still felt the need to tell me I could try them again any time I like. At this point I felt like saying ‘No I like glasses, test my eyes and then show me the specs’.

But I’m British and instead nodded gratefully as she told me to keep still while she blew air into my eyeball.

Anyway, after the random collection of tests it turns out that for some slightly insane reason I’ve not yet worked out – my eyesight has improved slightly.

Even if my eyesight had remained the same I was still getting a new pair of specs – it had been five years since my last pair and the Oakley‘s I’ve been sporting on my face since 2005 are a little worse for wear.

So the process started – looking through the dozens of pairs in the mens section, telling myself It will be different this time, that I will actually try on lots of different pairs and not just accept the first pair I see.

But I ended up spotting a Boss frame out of the corner of my eye while talking to the sales guy – I tried them on, tried on the grey version in Titanium and by that point had already made up my mind.

I did try on several pairs after that but I’d already made up my mind – this is an important decision for a glasses wearer – this is something that would be sat on my face for up to five years – it would be the central focus point of my identity.

But I still settled on the first pair I saw – because buying glasses is all about instinct.

In fact I didn’t even notice the cost – until I came back with my wife the next day to pay for them and even then it was her that noticed the cost and not me.

Lenses (heavy duty thinning down, scratch and glare resistance) £195
Frame (Boss, titanium, grey) £180
Glasses that look great and I’ll be comfortable in for a few years – worth every penny (you thought I was going to say Priceless didn’t you?).

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