The simple interview format

Every year at the Jersey Live music festival I get an opportunity to interview, in person, a fairly good number of the acts taking part in the annual event.

As I’d actually been pretty proactive this year and interviewed most of them before the festival – I didn’t really have a lot to say that I hadn’t already said – or at least that THEY hadn’t already said.

But I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet them, and having interviews recorded in person is always better than ones done over the phone.

Which is why I decided to try out a short form interview – one or two questions at most for every act and in most cases asking the same question all the time. It worked basically like an extended voxpop – but with bands instead of random nameless people.

So at Jersey Live I took my little Sony camera (more on that in another post), a microphone and went back stage with the festival press agents – Excess Press who were wonderfully helpful.

I interviewed Frank Turner, Craig Charles, Fight Like Apes, Annie Nightingale, Jimi of the Doves, Golden Silvers, Passion Pit, Felix of Basement Jaxx and Twisted Wheel.

I did have a chance to join BBC World in an interview with Dizzee Rascal – but it was at the same time I needed to get photos of Basement Jaxx on stage (you only get the first three songs in the ‘pit’) so went for that instead.

Then, with the help of a wonderful MacBook Pro and pretty good WiFi I was able to upload a few of the videos during the festival and have been working on putting the rest up ever since.

They will all be up on the BBC Jersey site and on YouTube and I’m told they’ll be going up on the BBC Introducing ‘Advice’ section as well as part of a blog post I wrote for BBC Introducing – although I’m not 100% convinced that’s still happening.

Some of the advice included Frank Turner suggesting bands carry their own kit and avoid writing Coldplay style songs, Craig Charles telling bands to take their time over decisions and Annie Nightingale suggesting you should perservere and stick with it.

As you can see from the footage I’ve tried to film in an intimate style where I’m focusing very closely on the person and they’re talking to the camera as if they were talking directly to me – the camera is held to my chest.

I’d never use that style if I was filming the interviews for television usually – although some of my footage was used as part of the wider television coverage of the event – but for the more intimate web viewing experience I think it works well.

For the geeks

My bag of kit at Jersey Live included a 17″ MacBook Pro, a Samsung NC10, a Nagra Ares audio recorder, a FlashMic audio recorder, three Nikon D40′s and a Nikon D60, a couple of wide and a couple of longer lenses for the camera, a Sony Z1 and the little Sony V1.

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