Just…. wow!

As well as being a seriously amazing piece of camera work, a stunningly beautiful footage and as Engadget readers put it … Camera Porn – this is an epic leap in natural world film making by the BBC.

To get the full effect of the video below … wait until the BBC HD broadcast – but failing that click on HD and the full screen it.

It was filmed on a shockingly beautiful new customised camera build in a water tight casing. The camera is the $100,000 TyphoonHD4 camera.

It’s capable of filming in super slow motion and high def at 20 times the speed of a normal HD camera.

It can shoot at 1280 x 1024 resolution at 1000fps which was what allowed the camera man to shoot this amazing footage of surfer Dylan Longbottom inside a 12 foot monster barrel. This is a first of its kind.

Here is a longer version of that very same barell wave clip in the BBC EMP.

It was filmed for the new BBC Documentary series – South Pacific which is on BBC Two on Tuesday nights and also on BBC HD at the same time.

In fact lets make this our iPlayer pick as well.

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