Radio 4 and the vote button

I’m not normally one to complain, in fact I’ll usually go out of my way to avoid complaining at all costs – even putting up with broken things for the sake of avoiding conflict.

So, if I’m prepared to put up with a dead watch because I don’t want to go through the process of taking it back – you can imagine my opinion on complaining about programming or the BBC.


In fact, as the BBC employs me I try to complain about it as little as possible. But there is something that got me a little riled.

So, for the first time in my life here is an ‘open letter of complaint’ about the BBC Radio 4 website.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t about the website itself, I love the new look and will love it even more as the programme teams start to fill the wonderful /programme pages with the mass of content they used to put into the old Radio 4 pages.

No my complaint is about a small 68×68 pixel, 1.6kb GIF that has appeared on the far right of the top navigation bar.

Dear BBC Radio 4

I’m usually a big fan of the BBC Radio 4 website, even in its latest implementation.

I’m also a very big fan of the BBC Radio 4 output for its quality, humour, intelligence and the fact that it expects the same level of intelligence of me.

However, imagine my surprise when I pointed my browser towards only to discover a blemish, a little black and white square in the corner of the otherwise pristine BBC centre piece of excellence.

webbyI had to look twice at the text of the abomination because, surely the mighty Rado 4, home of Humphries, Archers and the Now Show aren’t prostituting their homepage for votes like a normal, every day cheap website (yes I know I’ve done it but that’s different – ed).

The great BBC Radio 4 is asking me, through a permanent graphic on their homepage to vote for them in the Webby Awards – ok so it isn’t ugly – but it feels OH SO WRONG on BBC Radio 4.

Yes, please ask me to vote for you, I don’t mind that but do it through an article – write something and link to it from the promo space – not through a permanent blemish at the top of your banner.

Then I start to click around only to discover this blemish on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of the BBC Radio 4 website.

Please, for the love of all that is good and normal – remove it. I’ll vote for you but I don’t want to be preached at and pushed in this way.

Radio 4 you are bigger than that.

From Disgruntled of Cyberspace

As you can see from my little rant above – I got a bit wound up at the sight of this little spot on an otherwise Clearasil manufacturer disappointing face.

The BBC Radio 4 design team do deserve the Webby Award – it’s the People’s Choice award for the amazing World on the Move site.

Throughout 2008, Radio 4′s World on the Move tracked the most awe inspiring natural spectacle – great animal migration.

Through a worldwide legion of reporters, scientists and amateur naturalists they built an interactive map and full site packed with reports to create a record of the journeys of animals as diverse as Humpback whales and Monarch butterflies.

As you can see – a great thing to vote for that is, unfortunately, let down by the way they’re asking for vote.

I voted anyway.

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