The makings of a Christmas special

You may have noticed my blogging has been a little on the sparse side recently – there are many reasons why I haven’t been blogging much and they’re all boring and mundane.

I’d like to say I’ve been off fighting an intergalactic war on behalf of the British Govenment or that I found Bin Laden working behind the counter at McDonalds in Watford – but I haven’t.

So lets just move on.

One of the things I HAVE been doing is preparing for the BBC Jersey Introducing Christmas Special. This is the first Christmas for my show and I’ve decided to do something different.

Originally I was just going to record an ordinary show – a few tracks from Jersey bands, an interview and a package of some kind.

But I’ve now decided to record a Christmas special with Christmas songs recorded by Jersey bands – either their own tracks or their take on a classic.

I’ve got my first two – a recording of Walking in the Air with Christian Jegard in the style of the Moldy Peaches/Adam Green and a punky track from the Valentines called Don’t Get Me Arrested For Christmas.

There are many more to come as well – what I’ve not decided is what to do between the songs.

Do I sit there and just introduce them, press play and move on or do I get the bands to record some kind of Christmas message?

What about getting a couple of local poets to come up with a Christmas verse of some kind to slot between the bands – keeping my chatter to a minimum?

I’d love your feedback.

Oh and my page is now live on /programmes with the iPlayer page due to go up tomorrow.

Photo credit: Sister72.