iPlayer: High or Low

I have Sky+ and I love it but I only have it in one room. Unfortunately my wife also loves Sky+ and as she is at home during the day – is able to fill it up with bloody soaps!

So I turn to the web every evening for my televisual entertainment (watching as it goes out just isn’t practical with children).

Most of that watching is done through the BBC iPlayer and for the last month or so it has been using the High Quality option on the BBC iPlayer.

In fact at one point I was watching through the high quality option on iPlayer in full screen on a 52″ plasma television and it looked pretty good.

However, although it seems to be slightly better at first glance and is fairly obviously better in full screen – I wasn’t COMPLETELY convinced there was that much difference.

So I decided to get photoshop out, slap a bit of javascript on the page (thanks to Dreamweaver for saving me the hassle of actually typing any code) and do a rollover contrast.

So here you go:

iPlayer View

And just in case JavaScript isn’t your bag baby – here is a gif animation I created that does much the same thing as above (except you have to wait for the better quality version to come around).

iPlayer Quality Phase

As you can see from Frankie Boyle there REALLY is a distinct difference in quality. On first glance that is just one giant plus side.

But you need to remember a) higher quality means it is using more bandwidth so if you are capped you will reach your cap quicker.

And b) if you have a crappy connection then it might judder, shake and stop more often. But other than that site back and enjoy Frankie Boyle in high quality goodness.

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