Radio going wide?

The BBC has been gradually launching all its new websites and some of its older and more establishes ones in the new wide format.

In fact there seems to be so many new websites being launched on such a wide variety of topics (including a new site all about … topics) that I’ve completely lost track.

However at the bottom of this page I will try to list all the ones I’ve come across, ones that have been posted to the TV Forum pages and ones I’m sure everybody has found like BBC News and the Homepage.

But first a paragraph or two on the headline – Radio – this seems to be the first of the ‘broadcast’ areas to actually go wide – with the exception of BBC THREE which is a case study all of its own.

The first radio station to go ‘wide’ is the one with probably the youngest demographic BBC Radio 1Xtra and I think my terminology is correct when I say ‘It is well wide man innit?’

The site looks great, in fact the freedom the wider format gives designers to express themselves is fantastic but it does make sites in the old format (Barley) look pretty tired – even the very attractive Top Gear site (will it go wide for the new series?).

The next to widen up is 6music – my favourite music based radio station. It isn’t as in your face as 1Xtra but then it isn’t supposed to be BUT it is still really attractive and functional – even if the show pages are still half in the old layout.

As for the other radio stations – parts of their output have gone wide but not the whole thing. The Radio 1 Big Weekender site was in the wide format and the Today programme on Radio 4 has a new online look – it’s wide.

Eventually they’ll all be moved but I’m guessing the 5Live, Radio 3 and Radio 4 audiences are the most difficult to get to accept change of any kind – or maybe I’m just stereotyping.

There is a Radio 3 masthead floating around and again it looks pretty good but without the body bit underneath it’s hard to tell how it will actually work.

That’s one of the things I like most about the new designs – the way they allow for a large amount of content to be viewed, very easily on a single page – index pages are horribly difficult to design as they’re the window, the shop display, the first point of contact with your wares but so far I’ve liked all the new BBC ones.

So the list – I’ve decided I’m only going to list the ones currently open in my browser but if you find any others add them to the comments.

BBC Gardening (beta)
BBC Arts & Culture (ooo Lauren Laverne)
The Culture Show
Glastonbury 2008
BBC Topics (beta)
Liverpool 08
The Speaker.
Chelsea Flower Show
BBC Switch
BBC 6music
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme
BBC 1Xtra
BBC Thread
I’d do anything
Eurovision Song Contest
Doctor Who
BBC Homepage
BBC News
BBC Sport
BBC Help
Young Musician of the Year
BBC White Series
Out of the Blue
Made in England
Graham Norton Show
Have I Got News for You
Sunday Life
Gardeners World
Radio 1 Big Weekend
The Curse of Comedy
The Passion

I think that’s more than enough links to be getting on with but if there are any I’ve missed and I can think of one about green issues but can’t remember the URL – post it in the comments.