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When I joined the BBC in Jersey nearly six years ago one of the first things I pushed for was a radio show all about the Jersey music scene.

At the time the Jersey Music Scene was thriving, it was full of original bands of all different genres and ability levels – it was original, varied and alive.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, apart from a massive increase a couple of years ago, the active original live scene has dipped off a bit – part of that was a number of the better known bands leaving the island to try and make it in the UK and others splitting up for university etc.

But it is on the increase again, after all these things are cyclical – bands leave and then new ones form and Jersey does have some very good bands.

Well, after five years of pushing, suggesting and making myself heard I have finally been given the go ahead to launch an all year round, weekly show about the Jersey music scene.

It’s called BBC Jersey Introducing and, as well as being a dedicated show to the Jersey music scene is also tied to the bigger BBC Introducing brand – the brand that works across various Radio 1, 6music, BBC Three and other shows.

In fact we will be regularly sending tracks to the BBC Introducing inbox – the one the Radio 1 and 6music shows use to play tracks from the ‘regions’.

I’ve also been told that the Huw Stephens show will be doing something on BBC Jersey Introducing (as the newest of the Introducing shows) this week.

The show goes out every Saturday from 14.15 until 15.00 on BBC Radio Jersey (88.8fm) and on bbc.co.uk/jersey. You can even listen again through the BBC iPlayer Radio.

I’m also trying to add interactive elements to the show and some of the things you normally only see on podcasts like Show Notes. We’ve even got a Facebook Group.

Unfortunately it can’t be podcast as there are some pretty strict rules surrounding BBC Podcasts and most seem to involve them not happening – actually that’s not true it’s just that with the BBC producing SO MUCH audio content every week – it’s just not possible or practical to podcast it all.

I’ve just sent off application forms for three new podcasts from BBC Radio Jersey and am now waiting on various groups of people to meet to discuss them, together with dozens of other similar applications from other BBC Local Radio stations which will then be put against podcast proposals from BBC National Radio Stations.

Maybe a solution would be DRMd audio downloads? I suppose it would have to be for speech only shows but if you made every show on the iPlayer Radio also available as a DRMd file (that could be put on my iPod – so maybe push Apple a little harder for Fairplay) I could download everything – you could then also make RSS feeds available for every show and thus have podcasts for every show.

Maybe that will be sooner than we think – according to posts on the BBC Backstage mailing list there is a whole new backend being launched for the iPlayer radio very soon.

If you’ve got any ideas for ways I can improve the show, add more social media elements etc – let me know.

But so far the highlight for me has been seeing my name in the radio times – even if it’s only on the very back pages.

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