Screaming fits of blog love

I’m a big fan of the BBC blogging platform – well not the platform itself as they use Movable Type BUT of the content on the blogs themselves.

There are some seriously gifted and creative and talented people working for the BBC across all departments whether strictly creative, journalistic or more technical.

So being able to read the ins and outs of how the BBC HD channel got off the ground on the BBC Internet Blog or what a gues was like on the Chris Moyles blog makes for some brilliant content.

In fact it gives you a really interesting insight into the makings of media – from political journalism and what Editors think to more technical things and actual programming.

Well now the BBC is starting to get into video blogging – which in theory should give us the same lighter in tone form of journalism seen through the text blogs – but in video form.

The first BBC Video Blog, although not officially the first – just a blog with video at the time of launch – was Blue Peter but now the first actual official BBC Video Blog that’s sole purpose is video is Kermode Uncut.

Yup that’s right – all fans of the Kermodian style of film critique as well as fans of the man himself will be able to watch him pontification on films and the world surrounding films.

At first, when I read about it on the Fabric of Folly I was expecting a blog that just included videos from his BBC News Channel reviews – but this is actually something more.

They could probably have made up the video blog by taking content from the 5 Live reviews show (it’s live video streamed every week), the News Channel segment (available online to watch) and his Culture Show inserts.

This actually features originally produced videos of Mark Kermode talking about films, DVDs, festivals and the world of movies generally.

They may still include all of the above in addition to the originally produced stuff which would be great but it’s the original stuff that makes it interesting.

Like this one specifically about Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left which ended up having 20-odd cuts in the DVD release because Mark tried to argue for less.

What’s so exciting about this though is that it’s the first time the BBC have launched a new blog that is actually treated as a broadcast strand in its own right.

It follows a tradition of big web programmes like Lonely Girl 15 in that you have a star – in this case Mark Kermode who’s the sole and primary focus of the series.

It won’t be available for download – just web streaming only so for Kermodian reviews on the move you’ll still need to get the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo podcast.

However this does seem to be updating at very regular intervals with good quality original content – so well worth visiting on a regular basis – or just plug the RSS feed into your feed reader.