My Doctor Who trailer

I’ve made a trailer for Doctor Who and I made it on the BBC Doctor Who website. Unfortunately there is one fatal element missing from this service – the ability to embedd the video on my own site.

Other than that fundamental mistake (it does give me a link to share my video with you) it’s a reasonably impressive little web app.

It’s a very simple (remember Doctor Who is aimed at 10 year olds here) video editor – it gives you a bank of clips, effects, audio and sfx that you can then use to build a trailer.

You add each of the different types of items to a timeline to build your piece. This is brilliant for a number of reasons 1) It lets me make my own DOCTOR WHO trailer, 2) it’s fun and 3) it will be a great way for me to introduce my daughter to video editing without baffling here with Final Cut Pro.

You see it follows and works along the same basic fundamental lines as any real video editing package – you have a library of videos, effects and audio (in this case the library is pre-set), a window for watch your creation and a multi-track timeline for adding the clips.

Your first track is for effects (and there are some fun effects to play with but more would be useful), the second for videos, the third is for sound effects and the fourth is for music.

Your trailer has to be 30 seconds as the timeline cuts off at that point but that’s no bad thing – long trailers are horrible and a really bad habit to get into.

I’ve made several audio trailers and some end up at 1 minute 30 – I then have to spend half an hour cutting it back down – same applies to television and radio packages – it’s a lot harder to make them short than it is to put it all on the timeline and do a long piece.

So my rating for Trailer Maker – 5 out of 10 – it loses 1 point because of a shortage of good effects (audio and visual) and another point because of a lack Rose clips and 3 points because I can’t embedd the videos.

In fact if I could embedd the videos I make then I would forgive the other two points and give it a round 10 out of 10 but – hey ho!

Oh and HERE is my Trailer.