Finding BBC Podcasts

The number of BBC Podcasts seem to be increasing all the time – the number is now well over 100 from across Aunties radio output.

You’ve got everything from Chris Moyles on Radio 1 and Mark Kermode on 5 Live to The Archers on Radio 4 and Digital Planet on the World Service.

In fact most of the podcasts I subscribe to are BBC Podcasts. At the moment I regularly listen to the Five Live Phone-In, Adam & Joe, Chris Moyles, In Our Time, Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Start the Week, The Bottom Line, Thinking Allowed and many more.

BBC Podcast Browser

You can get these in a number of ways – by going directly to the BBC Radio Station and clicking on podcasts which will either take you to the relevant section of the Podcast directory OR to the actual podcast page itself.

Or you can get there by going to the BBC Podcast Directory ( and finding the podcast you want, clicking subscibe or download and getting it that way.

Or, the way most people find BBC Podcasts is to go through iTunes – either by clicking on it from the Podcast directory (a large percentage of the top 25 are BBC podcasts) or by going to the BBC Podcast section of iTunes – or you can even use the widget I have on the right hand menu here.

But there is now a new way and this way is MUCH better for those wanting the podcasts on the computer, to listen to them sitting at there desks, instead of download them and putting them on an iPod or other mp3 player.

The BBC Radio Labs team have created a visual (Coverflow) version of the BBC Podcast Directory.

It’s basically a flash app that pulls in all the artwork for all the podcasts, the details of the episodes in each podcast and the network each one is on. You can then select a show and either download, subscribe or listen to it right there on the page.

You can carry on listening while browsing other parts of the browser as well.

This is brilliant and something I’d like to think is also a hint at the way the BBC Radio iPlayer may work in the future when it eventually moves to flash streaming.

In fact I wonder whether it could be easily adapated to show whats on the radio player already? A cover flow version of the BBC iPlayer Radio would be pretty useful as its a bit clunky in its current form – can you bring up Real or Windows Media streams from within flash?

You can find more Radio Labs apps by going to – well worth a look as they’re doing some exciting stuff and gives you an insight into the technological evolution of Radio.