Hack Day hit by lightning

As you know, given I’ve mentioned nothing but this for months, I’m currently at Hack Day London and, despite being on registration this morning, it’s been pretty good.

Hack Day - cleaning the stageWhat made the event though was the indoor rain. Yup thats right – only at a British event could we have trouble with the rain – INDOORS!

The building was hit by lightning which caused the fire proceedure to kick in which opened the fire ven cats and let the rain in – then they couldn’t get them closed.

This was down to a computer fault apparently – the system threw a bit of a wobbler and it took a while to get it back.

You’d think, given that it was a room full of geeks, coders and general all around computer legends they’d be able to sort a little computer problem quickly – well it was done eventually.

What was ost impressive though, despite being evacuated from the main hall and having no power or WiFi they still got on with hacking – using pens, paper, card and anything else they could find to plan their mashup.

It was a real Dunkirk Spirit moment and it will be great fun to see what they come up with now they’re back in the main hall and with power.

I’ll try to post a video of the 90 second presentations tommorow at 2pm.

Oh and there’s still no sign of WiFi.