Live the moment

A photographer from Brighton is trying to get people to put their cameras down for a day and live in the moment instead of documenting it.

I love this idea – as someone who carries around not just a mobile phone complete with camera but my Fuji s9500 and a Nagra audio recorder everywhere I go, I know all to well the desire to document every moment.

What I love about the concept of a camera free day is the fantastic idea of being able to be part of a moment, part of the environment instead of seeing it through a lense.

I’ve been to a huge number of gigs, events and incidents where I’ve been taking photos – I rarely remember anything that happened at the event as I was too busy working out my next shot or taking a photo.

The Drop your camera day is on 17 July and there will be posters up in cities around the world – however I’m not sure (however much I love the idea) I’ll be able to resist the urge to photograph someone ‘enjoying the moment’.

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