Bloggers Blog Blogging

It’s been a while since my last proper new media post so I thought it was time to pull out a blogging one I’ve been storing up in my notebook for a few weeks.

One of the things I’ve noticed over the last few years of blogging is that posts about blogging, the blogosphere and new media things in general get a bigger reaction than the more original posts.

It’s not just posts talking about blogging either, it’s posts that talk about subjects big in the blogosphere right now – the posts that follow the pack, contain ‘hot’ tags or generally do what everyone else is doing get the biggest reaction.

Now this might be because I’m a nobody blogger with hardly any readers but I do thing there is something in the trend.

When I come up with a unique post, even the ones that have a huge number of links out to other blogs and sites, an entry about something new or original it barely gets a look.

When I blog about a current hot topic (look at Technorati, pick a story on the front-page and write about it), it gets a big reaction – comments, links and more views.

The same applies to posts about blogging, blogs, the blogosphere, podcasting or something of that ilk – although this one may be the exception to the rule.

So to try and prove a point I’m going to go to Technorati, find two top tags (that I have a passing knowledge of), write a paragraph long opinion and include a few links to other blogs.

I’ve had a look at Technorati and there isn’t anything in the hot tag words that spark anything inside me so I’m going take two treatments.

First I’m going to click on two, see what the fuss is about and write based on that information. Secondly I’m going to pick two and write based on the word alone – then go through, find a couple of blogs and randomly link to them.

First the list:

1. Israel

2. Lebanon

3. Microsoft

4. Bush


6. Yahoo

7. Online

8. China

So let’s start with Microsoft and Online as the two for further investigation before sharing my opinion on the subjects.


The biggest challenge with the word Microsoft was getting past the obvious advertising blogs, the whole first page is practically full of the bloody things

But when you get past that point you reach talk of Microsoft Live changing it’s name, something to do with Xbox Live (Word 2007 auto corrects Microsoft words to the right branding format) and the bit that interested me the most (and very nearly had a post of it’s own) the fact that MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger will be able to talk to each other.


I had very low expectations for Online as a tag but am pretty pleasantly surprised, it’s given me a few interesting new stories that I wouldn’t have considered looking at otherwise.

The first post that caught my eye was a blogger blogging about a bloggers blog (yes I see the irony) – basically some Blog fan purists are a bit peeved at Nick Denton closing two blogs in his blog media network – it also looks at the monetisation of blogs generally.

There were a load of other things in there as well and for the sake of experimentation here are a few random words and links to click on: RSS, YouTube, Autism, Punch and spam.

The reason there isn’t a link on spam is twofold – first I don’t want to link to spammers as they are good enough at getting hits without my helpd and secondly there are two many spam blogs for me to work out which one to link to.

I thought comment spam was bad but Technorati (under certain tags) is flooded with the bloody things.

Time to go random

Now to the random words with an even more random entry on the subject – here is where I pick another two from the top eight, write something on the word and then link to sites after I’ve written my bit.


I don’t really know what to say here (but that’s why I’m going random with it I suppose), I was listening to a BBC podcast this morning (Today I think) and they had interviews with someone from Lebanon and someone from Israel.

The Lebanon guy was basically saying “we’ll give your guy back if you give our guys back” and the Israeli guy basically said “shut the hell up, we’ll get our guy back anyway, you attacked us and we have bigger muscles”.


Jersey’s Broncage season is coming to an end soon – Broncage is basically where islanders with bushes facing the road have to go out, trim them back to a certain maximum level and clear the path.

If you’re bush isn’t back far enough you get a fine – they measure the bushes around the island in some weird ceremony. My Mother in Law was out most of the last few weeks on her little stall with hedge clippers in hand getting it clear before the men and women in suits carrying clipboards walk around the roads of Jersey.

Time to publish

In the time it took me to gather all the links together, put them into place (using WordPress) and get ready to publish the article – Online and China had been replaced in the Hot list by Iran and Sex.