Making a Minecraft head

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It was world book day recently and the day before my ten year old informed me that he would need a costume and that he wanted to go as a Minecraft character. Instead of spending £35 on a ready made one and taking the risk it wouldn’t arrive (it’s difficult to get next day delivery when you live on an island) I decided to make one! A trip to the pound shop later and for £4 I go home from work with 20 sheets of card, a pair of scissors,…read more

Can the invisible see the invisible?

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Great question from my six year old this morning: “If two people are invisible, can they see each other?” At this point I’d had about six hours sleep and was walking them to school. Kailen is incredible intelligent, he seems to grasp complex problems in a way I struggle with. So I decided to try him out with an answer I might give if posed the same question by a friend of a similar age to me. What I said to him was that it depends on what you mean…read more

Two takes on a story about Ramadan

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G: Channel 4 is to air the Muslim call to prayer live every morning during the month of Ramadan. DM: Channel 4 is to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan this year, it revealed yesterday. Good start, different styles of writing but more or less the same top line. G: It is believed to be the first time a mainstream British television channel has broadcast the Islamic call to prayer. DM: The broadcaster said it was an act of “deliberate provocation” aimed at viewers who might associate Islam…read more


One App to rule them all

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Picture the scene: it is evening, I am sat on the sofa with my tv on and there is nothing to watch, so I decide to make use of my Apple TV, nothing I want to see on there do I switch to the PS3 and use the iPlayer. Sounds wonderful and idyllic doesn’t it? Unfortunately I need one controller to check Sky, another to switch to the Apple TV, then the previous one to switch to the PS3 and then the PS3 controller.

Facebook needs an everyone but option

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When it is someone’s birthday or someone is leaving the office, an email can be sent to everyone but – leaving everyone else free to discuss present ideas. I find myself struggling for ideas for my daughter’s birthday present and could really do with discussing it on Facebook with friends and family – the downside is – my daughter is also on Facebook. I know Facebook has lists but even that wouldn’t stop people seeing a post. Google+ is better allowing you to tag only certain people but that doesn’t…read more


My stories

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I write thousands of words every day for BBC News, not to mention emails, Twitter, Facebook and other written media. The vast majority of what I write is news published without a by-line – the every day stories of life in a small island.

Netflix and LoveFilm killing Christmas television

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Christmas Day – you’ve opened your presents, had an argument, drunk a bit … a lot … and eaten more in one meal than some people do in a year. All good. The television is on, and the programming is pretty much the same as last year. There will be a couple of big Christmas specials from shows like Top Gear, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey et al, Top of the Pops, Eastenders, Coronation Street, The Queen and the fillers.

Bronze age pottery find in Jersey

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A story I wrote for BBC News: A rare bronze age pottery vessel, thought to contain tools and weapons, has been found in Jersey. The vessel, which was found in Trinity, has been wrapped in bandages and tin foil and then sprayed with foam to make it safer and easier to transport.

BA working on Passbook app

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Apple‘s Passbook is a great idea but there are still very few UK apps that make use of it. It basically lets airlines, ticket companies and stores give you virtual  loyalty cards and boarding passes and stores them in a convenient wallet.